Flight Instructor Rating Course

Our next 8 week full time Flight Instructor Rating Course will be commencing soon for the issue of:

  • Pilot Instructor Rating, Principles and Methods of Instruction and Grade 3 Training Endorsement including Basic Instrument Flight qualification.
  • Training with highly experienced instructors on modern Diamond DA20 aircraft
  • Call 9417 7377 or email for more info or to register. Limited places available!!

Thunderbird adds CT4A trainer to fleet

Thunderbird is pleased to offer our clients the opportunity to fly the mighty Parrot! The CT4A was used as the primary trainer of the RAAF, until replaced by subsequent models and is fully aerobatic. Clients can have the option of experiencing the ultimate aerobatic trial flight, or for licenced pilots the opportunity to complete their initial aerobatics training in the aircraft. It is also available for private hire (conditions apply).

For more information, contact the office on 9417 7377 or email


Thunderbird Aero Service, services contracts for Aerial Work, Aircraft Charter and Flying Training.

Our training and mentoring operations focus on the intention to produce competent, qualified Commercial Pilots for our ongoing requirements, as well providing a source of pilots for client and related companies and for the aviation industry in general.

We encourage a high standard of presentation and conduct from our students and conduct all training with the intention of producing pilots with the skills required for immediate employment in the industry and not simply a paper qualification.



Ever wanted to see if flying is for you?? Have that special someone who has always wanted to give flying a go?? A Trial flight is the perfect way to experience the thrill of flying!! You will have a short briefing with your instructor describing the basics of flight and orientation around the aircraft before setting off on a 30 or 60 minute hands on flight where you get to fly the aircraft under instruction from one of our experienced instructors in the local Jandakot training area.

To arrange a booking or gift voucher call our office on 9417 7377 or email today!



Learning to fly is a fun and incredibly rewarding experience. Whether it be for pleasure, business,  a career or a little bit of all 3 Thunderbird Aero Service can get you there. We create a fun, relaxed and professional learning environment where you will be taught by a passionate team of instructors. Thunderbird trains 7 days a week, and can offer casual, part time and full time training options to suit anyone.

The first step is to meet one of our team and discuss your dreams! Everyone is a little different and there are a number of different pathways you can follow to get there. Once we have a plan, you will need to complete a Aviation Medical assessment, apply for an Aviation Reference Number and you are set to go! Below are basic outlines of the typical flow your training will take. When you are ready, fill in the form and we will be in touch to arrange a meeting to get you in the sky!


Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL)

Whether you plan to fly for fun or for a career, the first step in becoming a pilot is achieving your Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL). Your training begins with the essentials of flying an aero plane such as climbing, descending, turning and the thrill of taking off and landing. You will then progress through circuit training on your way to your first exhilarating milestone; your first solo flight!



Private Pilots Licence (PPL)

Your Private Pilot Licence training begins where the RPL training left off. The syllabus is designed to broaden your horizons and current flying skills and introduce new ones such as cross country navigation and flight planning. The transition from RPL to PPL involves some more in-depth theory and cross country flight to diverse locations. Flight times also increase as you learn to safely navigate using tried and tested techniques as well as utilising state of the art technology such as Global Positioning System (GPS) and glass cockpits.



Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL)

The Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) allows you to seek work in the aviation industry as a professional pilot for hire and reward. The CPL syllabus builds on the Private Pilots Licence (PPL). It will prepare you for the demands of commercial operations, developing skills such as advanced aircraft handling, systems knowledge, cockpit management, navigational techniques, passenger management, pilot maintenance and emergency procedures.


Night Visual Flight Rating (NVFR)

The Night VFR Rating (NVFR) is both an enjoyable and practical rating to add to your pilots licence, as it will not just allow you to fly at night, but will also increase your navaid and navigational skills and forms a solid foundation prior to commencing instrument training.



Instrument Rating

The Instrument Rating is one of the pinnacles of a pilot’s career. There are many challenges ahead, but we believe we have an exceptional syllabus of training to ensure you benefit from all of Thunderbird Aero Service’s experienced instructors. Our goal is to share this knowledge and experience with you, whether it be included in the syllabus or not. The syllabus has been designed to not only ensure you pass your flight test, but also prepare you for the real world.



Multi Engine Class Rating (MECR)

The Initial Multi-Engine Training course available at Thunderbird Aero Service covers the required skills and knowledge to safely and competently operate multi-engine aircraft.


Tail Wheel

If you have never had the opportunity to fly a tail wheel aircraft you probably don’t realise what you’re missing. Learning to fly a ‘taildragger’ will be some of the most challenging and rewarding flying you’ll do. It will open up to you a new range of aeroplanes to fly such as war birds, homebuilts, vintage aircraft and high performance aerobatic machines.




Most pilots spend their entire flying lives never going beyond 60 degrees angle of bank and 30 degrees of pitch and think stalling and spinning is a flight condition that is beyond their control. If you want to set your flying apart and learn to fly in three dimensions, then an aerobatic endorsement from Thunderbird Aero Service is the way to do it.



Cirrus SR20/22

Thunderbird Aero Service is Perth’s only Cirrus factory approved training centre with Cirrus aircraft available for hire and training including Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilot’s or CSIP’s. Depending on your level of experience and training needs, you will be subscribed to an online training course to go through at home at your leisure saving you briefing time and money. Once the course is complete, you will meet with your Cirrus instructor and go through the remaining face to face elements before commencing the in-flight phase of your training.



Thunderbird Aero Service is leading the way for instructor training catering to the new changes with Part 61.

Our training services ranges from a basic Pilot Instructor Rating consisting of a Principles and Methods of Instruction (PMI Course) through to adding all the training endorsements.



Thunderbird Aero Service can provide a range of Aerial Work and Charter services with highly experienced pilots in well-presented modern aircraft at a competitive price.

Services include passenger transport, freight, aerial photography, aerial dropping. We can also provide you with jet and turboprop options for time critical flights.

Please enter your requirements with as much detail as possible below and we will respond as soon as possible.